Religion and the G.O.P.

Is the Republican Party getting religion?

No I am not talking about the Bible thumping  pastors of  Middle American urging the lambs they Sheppard to follow them blindly down the road of one or two issues. I am not referring to the gospels of the tea party leaders who took the nation into a Marketing nightmare by shutting down the government causing unnecessary strife and fears of financial panic.

I am talking about the coming together of various wings of the GOP to anoint Chris Christie as the Savior-elect!

This morning former Governor Sarah Palin was on TV touting her new book. Now we know this lady is not afraid to say exactly how she feels and has been no friend to the New Jersey chief executive in the past. When asked about his victory last week, rather than explain it away as a product of Northeast Liberalism and say he is no friend of the Tea Party she merely said no one man has displayed all the positive things they need in a leader. It was so far from previous positions it almost rates a ringing endorsement.

Even those in Congress in Christie’s own party  who were exchanging shots with him in the past such as Kentucky’s Senator and leader of the Libertarian wing Rand Paul, were remarkably quiet. Is is possible that that the Republican’s actually are drinking the Christie cool-aid and want to reclaim the White House?

Many in the party either overtly or secretly espouse many of the Libertarian beliefs and for years claimed that America was being shut out in its media coverage so its message was not getting out to the masses. They can’t claim that any more. The last election showed that while a good deal of the right shares that Libeertarian view it is not enough to claim the highest office in the land.  The GOP needs to get behind someone who can own the middle ground of the political battlefield which means the Tea Party folk, Libertarians and right wing evangelists need to start singing Cum Ba Ya Chris right away. If not, there is a lady who used to live at 1600 Pennsylvanian Ave, is very, very politically savvy and will jump as far to the center as she can, already owning a lot of real estate to the left!


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  1. simon91956 · · Reply

    I don’t agree. The libertarian message of limited constitutional government, non-interventionist foreign policy and free markets is still buried under an avalanche of big govt “solutions” which seem to make everything worse.

    Christie is just another neo-conservative, as is Hillary and pretty much all the burnt offerings the GOP and the Democrats have given the American voters for a long time. The big problem is we haven’t been offered much of a change (in that libertarian direction) for those who are sick of massive debt, eternal economic doldrums and war. Offering us more of the “middle ground” or “business as usual” is hardly likely to fire up the voters to get off their duffs and start turning things around. The GOP needs to wise up and jettison the many RINOs in their midst if they want to start winning elections.

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