Did you hear that the Oxford Press has decreed “selfie”, the act of taking a photo of yourself and  then probably sharing it with the world via Social Media is the Word of the Year? What a tremendous honor is bestowed on the act of self appreciation is boosting ones ego! I am only surprised […]

Recently State Education Commissioner John King has been holding a series of public hearings around the state concerning the status of the new Common Core initiative. It has not been pretty. For the most part the overflow crowds at each of the meetings has come to see the Education Czar , not to listen, but […]

With Professional Baseball in lame duck status, it is the former Yankee and Dodger Manager Joe Torre who is in the right place at the right time to present to the owners a major change in the rules of the game. Already he has the leagues moving toward expanded video reviews of controversial plays with […]

Is the Republican Party getting religion? No I am not talking about the Bible thumping  pastors of  Middle American urging the lambs they Sheppard to follow them blindly down the road of one or two issues. I am not referring to the gospels of the tea party leaders who took the nation into a Marketing […]

Okay let’s take on the first topic – Prayer before Municipal meetings. The US Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the case of eliminating prayer before town governmental meetings from a small community in New England. The suit was brought about by one lady who is Jewish (a minority religion in the town) and another […]

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